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Student Assistance Program

Program Information

The Student Assistance Program is a process of identifying students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic barriers that come between students and success in school. At the heart of the SAP program is a voluntary group of trained counselors, teachers and administrators prepared to offer support to students and their families. The goal of the program is build a partnership with families to help students be successful. The program is not limited to drugs and alcohol but mental health and well being too.

Teens are under a tremendous amount of pressure.  Academic pressure, social pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, harassment, etc.  When a student is struggling or failing, it's time to make a referral.  Referrals can be made by anyone.  If you have a feeling that a child is in trouble make a referral to the Student Assistance Team. Information concerning students who are referred to the program will remain CONFIDENTIAL.

The steps of the SAP process:

  1.  Referral- Individuals who are aware of student with barriers refer students to the SAP team. Referrals can come from parents, teachers, guardians, students and the student themselves. If you wish to refer someone to the SAP team please call 610-683-7346 or email your child's counselor or building administrator.
  2. Family Involvement – Families are directly involved once a student has been identified. The SAP process works with parents, it does not replace them.
  3. Intervention – Our goal is to intervene between a student and whatever is between the student and success. The team is trained to offer a wide-range of supports including school and community resources.
  4. Support and Follow-up – The SAP team meets weekly in order to continue support and contact. We recognize that most issues didn’t develop overnight and we are committed to consistent communication with the family, student, and support agencies.

How do I know when to refer a student?

There is no one thing that would warrant a referral.  Anything no matter how small or large should be considered a valid reason to refer.

  • Has there been an overall drop in grades over a period of time?
  • Does motivation appear to be different than in the past?
  • Have overall study habits changed?
  • Have there been increased absences?
  • Is the student complaining more about problems in school?
  • Has there been a change in the student’s friends?
  • Has the student’s overall hygiene changed?
  • Has the student seemed to develop a disinterest in school?
  • Have they become pre-occupied with people, drugs, or risky behavior?
  • Have they lost interest in activities that once were very important to them?

To make a referral, please submit a referral form at this link: SAP Referral Form