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Health Services Kutztown Middle High Schools

Kutztown Area School District Health Services

This page is designed to share current health information, particularly as it relates to school-age children. The focus will be on how parents, the community, and school health services work together to ensure that all children maintain an optimal state of health so they can fully benefit from the classroom experience. The goal is to promote lifelong, healthy living through health promotion, correction of health problems, and adjustments to handicapping conditions. Ensuring each child's health provides a safe and healthy environment for all children.




     A nurse provides health care in the health room for acute illness/injuries occurring in school.  Nurses are not licensed to diagnose illness or injury, so if you have a medical concern regarding your child, contact the child's physician directly.     

     Throughout the year all students are required by the Department of Health to have their height/weight and vision checked.  Pennsylvania requires all students to have their Body Mass Index (BMI) calculated.  BMI is a screening tool used to determine whether a child is normal, over or underweight.  This screening will take place early in the school year and you will receive a letter with the results that should be shared with your child's physician.  In addition, hearing is tested at the secondary level in 7th and 11th grades and scoliosis testing is done in 6th and 7th grades.   

     Any student that becomes ill or injured during the course of the school day should report to the health room with a signed pass from their teacher.   The student will receive treatment and returned to the classroom or sent home if deemed necessary by the nurse.  If the nurse is not available, students are to report to the main office. 

Health Room Information