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National Honor Society

National Honor Society members exhibit excellence in academics and leadership, honorable and admirable character, and a commitment to service—all of which demonstrate the member’s willingness to use personal talents and skills for the improvement of both self and society. At Kutztown Area High School, students entering their junior and senior year become eligible for National Honor Society membership. Formal invitations are extended to those who

  • meet the requirement of scholarship by achieving a 95% or higher weighted grade point average.
  • are a member of the junior or senior class and a student at Kutztown Area High School for at least one semester.

Eligible students may then complete a Candidate Form on which the student documents evidence of:

  • leadership - two (2) leadership roles at school or in the community achieved since the start of ninth grade,
  • service - the completion of twenty (20) hours of service undertaken at school or in the community since the start of ninth grade,
  • character - an outstanding record of conduct and behavior with regard to school and community rules, guidelines, and policies, or demonstration of sufficient growth and improvement to compensate for previous inadequacies.

Faculty members are given the opportunity to provide input based on these three qualities for each candidate via the faculty evaluation form. All Candidate Forms and faculty evaluation forms are then submitted to the Faculty Council for review, deliberation, and voting. National Honor Society members must be approved by a majority vote of the Faculty Council.

Once the Faculty Council makes their determination, a report is issued to the principal, candidates are notified, and the Induction Ceremony takes place.


Mrs. Amy Howard, 

Mrs. Sallie Sandler,