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College Visits

College visits are essential to the college search and decision process. When you visit a college, you can use the College Visit Worksheet to take notes and reflect on your visits when it is time to make a decision. 

Questions to Ask while Visiting a College

  1. What shape are the residence facilities in? Are there laundry and kitchen facilities?
  2. What are the various residential options?
  3. Are residence facilities for underclassmen close to academic buildings?
  4. After freshman year, how are students housed? Are upperclassmen students guaranteed housing?
  5. What is the cafeteria like? What dining options do students have? Are dining facilities centralized or spread out? What are the hours of meal service?
  6. Is the food good?
  7. Are there adequate recreational and social facilities?
  8. Are specialized facilities (art studios, music practice rooms, etc.) readily accessible?
  9. Does the campus seem secure? Do you feel safe?
  10. What is the crime rate on campus?
  11. What is the ratio of students to faculty?
  12. How large are classes?
  13. Are campus jobs readily available?
  14. Do many students go home on the weekends?
  15. Can you study in your dorm room?
  16. Why did you choose this college?
  17. Is it easy to study in the library? If not, where do you study?
  18. What do you like most about this college? The least?
  19. How easy is it to get into the classes that you want?
  20. What is the largest class you were in? The smallest?
  21. If you had to do it over, would you still choose this college?
  22. What other colleges did you apply to?
  23. What is the graduation rate? Do most students graduate in 4 years?
  24. How accessible are professors when you need to talk to them?